Health screening for both parents (pre-breeding): $400-$600

Progesterone test/cytology for optimal breeding time: $200-$300

Stud fee/cost of upkeep for the stud: $500 & up

Artifical insemination/surgical implanting:  $250-$500

Special food and vitamins during pregnancy/nursing: $200-$350

C-section: $700-$1500 (if no complications, complications include loss of mother and litter)

Formula or supplies for formula and puppy food:  $75-$100 (per week for 6-12 weeks)

Whelping box,  heat pads, various medical supplies, medicines, cleaning supplies: $300-$500

Prenatal care, vet visits, x-rays: $300-$500

Vaccinations, de-wormer, vet health exams for litter:  $45-$75 per puppy

Advertising to sell your litter: $100 & up

My rate for around the clock care of your puppy: pennies a day.   

No vacations days or sick days!