Our goal is to produce healthy, happy, loving, puppies, that are as close to the breed standard as possible. Our puppies are well socialized, home rasied and family loved.   We offer a solid health guarantee and lifetime support.  Please educate your self as to the specialized care your bulldog will need, because it's not just a dog...

It's a Bulldog!



The Bulldog is a unique breed. It has often been described as a "man made" breed because without the assistance of man, this breed would not exist. Bulldogs are physically very different from other canines. The differences that make the bulldog the charming creature that he is, also make him susceptible to an array of problems, because of his flat face, he does not breath as well as other dogs and overheats easily. Heat stroke is a common occurrence in this breed and great care must be taken to avoid overheating. Bulldogs do not swim. They are heavy in the chest causing them to tip forward in the water and their muzzle is too short to hold above the water. Bulldogs should always be supervised around pools or water. Another problem is repro-duction and birthing. Hormone levels must be monitored to determine the optimum time to breed and breeding must be carried out by artificial insemination or surgical implantation. If the bulldog becomes pregnant, she can not whelp naturally and pups must be delivered by c-section. The decision to breed a litter of bulldog puppies is not something to be taken lightly as the breeder will most likely have to care for the pups. Female bulldogs are sometimes indifferent mothers. Whether your bulldog is a pet or you plan to breed a litter, find a veterinarian experienced in their care. This truly unique breed requires truly unique care.



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